Dreams Are Made of This

Photo Courtesy of The 1st Class Lifestyle Inc.

Photo Courtesy of The 1st Class Lifestyle Inc.

For those of you who love music, what better representation of the industry’s best and brightest than the Grammy’s? Celebrating 57 years, the Grammy’s continue to shock and awe. With the musical offerings of so many in full spectacle of the world to see, you will most likely find something to love, and something to hate, and everything in between. That’s the beauty of the creative product; you choose what moves you.

The concept to partner young and seasoned talent in performance pairings was certain to provoke questions about how these couplings would actually work? Read more of this post

Big Data


Big data is a marketing buzz word. But how exactly is it utilized? Big data is a compilation of numbers and statistics about consumers and their habits and can be best explained through this infographic. Whether it’s google search queries, online shopping cart habits, geolocation, or social media engagement, these measures are everywhere. Retail websites who feature a “you might also like” category, for instance, are using big data in the form of customer browsing history to keep you clicking around their site.

A prime example? Netflix. The streaming site is a data gold mind and uses consumer measures to draw innocent TV buffs into another round of shameless binge-watching. Just finished watching all 6 seasons of Mad Men to prep for the final season premier? Okay, you may like other period dramas like Downtown Abbey. Chances are, they’re probably right and you probably won’t be canceling your membership anytime soon. Read more of this post

What makes content go viral?


Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie from #Oscars via ‏@TheEllenShow

Viral videos have become ingrained in our culture. With a new generation of digital natives born daily, it is safe to assume that this authentic and organic form of entertainment will only gain popularity. Most recently, Ellen DeGeneres’ incredible Oscar selfie “went viral” and is now the most retweeted image of all time (3.2 million and counting). But not everyone has such a stage and an opportunity like the Oscars to broadcast their goal of virality to the world. What is it that makes everyday content go viral? In his 2011 TED Talk, Kevin Alloca, a trends manager for YouTube, cited three specific criteria for viral video success: tastemakers, communities of participation and unexpectedness. Read more of this post

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