The Socially Responsible Brand

Striped Sassafras

Striped Sassafras by Warby Parker

For years, brands have practiced corporate social responsibility (CSR). Many companies choose causes and dedicate time and resources throughout the year to support those causes. In most cases, these are for-profit companies who help in these efforts out of the goodness of their hearts. CSR is not essential to their business and it definitely is not required for these brands. It is simply an added bonus. Lately, a new trend in CSR has emerged: the socially responsible brand.

Tom’s is an extremely well-known example of a socially responsible brand. For them, giving back isn’t an extra, it is their business. Their brand, at its core, is giving back. Selling shoes is simply a gateway to giving shoes to those in need. Read more of this post

Dove’s Identity

image via eonline

“You are more beautiful than you think,” is the message behind Dove’s newest commercial as part of their Real Beauty campaign. Since its creation in 2004, the Real Beauty Campaign’s mission has been “to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence and not anxiety.” Most companies emphasize corporate social responsibility, and many act as sponsors or donors to various non-profit organizations, but Dove masters the art of good public relations by utilizing socially responsible efforts in a way that merely promotes brand identity. Read more of this post

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