Dove “Does Good”

Dove continues its quest to change perceptions of beauty through their latest TV spot titled “Camera Shy.” The ad is a follow-up to the viral sensation, Real Beauty Sketches, and shows a mix of young girls, teens and adults hiding from the camera.  As an entertaining look at the reality of capturing women on film, the ad ends by asking, “When did you stop thinking you’re beautiful?” Dove continues to build equity through yet another flawless articulation of their brand, and it seems as though it’s only a matter of time before other beauty brands start sharing Dove’s “do good” approach.

The College Visit Brand Experience

image via Virginia Tech

During high school, I visited twenty-five different colleges and universities along the east coast. I witnessed some incredible college tours, and some not-so-spectacular tours. I’ve seen tour guides trip and fall, and fudge facts, and potential students scribbling notes and shushing their parents. I abandoned a few tours and also had my dad turn the car around and scratch a tour altogether. I’ve also experienced one-on-one tours with college coaches and even some with student-athletes. Throughout the process, I was continually amazed by schools that delivered messages inconsistent with their brand. Through admissions materials, such as a viewbook, and through the canned tour guide speech itself, colleges and universities should strive to showcase their true identity. Read more of this post

Pinterest and Higher Education

Pinterest has grown rapidly to become the third largest social media site, with more than 12 million users in the U.S. alone. Because of its popularity and user-friendly interface, many colleges and universities are jumping into the Pinterest ring. Many choose to feature content that is consistent with their other social media channels, like news articles and alumni stories, but the truth is, only 15% of Pinterest engagement occurs on brand boards. The question then becomes, how can brands, namely higher education institutions, capture an audience and increase engagement? Read more of this post

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