Microsoft’s Identity Crisis

image via wikimedia

When it comes to product and store designs in the technology industry, Apple reigns king. Not only have Apple products revolutionized the way the world views technology, but their sleek, minimalist storefronts have changed the way the world views a shopping trip. Ever since the infamous “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” commercials featuring the “cool” Apple guy conversing with a “square” PC user, Microsoft has been struggling to maintain market share.

From the Windows Phone, to the Surface Tablet, Microsoft has been trying to play catch-up with Apple. No example can truly illustrate this game of cat and mouse as well as Microsoft’s new store designs. Picture this, walking through the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota, you see an average Apple store, complete with a glass front, wooden tables, interactive displays, helpful sales associates, and a wall of accessories. You quickly glance across the hallway, and seem to be seeing double, until you notice the Microsoft sign. Read more of this post

The College Visit Brand Experience

image via Virginia Tech

During high school, I visited twenty-five different colleges and universities along the east coast. I witnessed some incredible college tours, and some not-so-spectacular tours. I’ve seen tour guides trip and fall, and fudge facts, and potential students scribbling notes and shushing their parents. I abandoned a few tours and also had my dad turn the car around and scratch a tour altogether. I’ve also experienced one-on-one tours with college coaches and even some with student-athletes. Throughout the process, I was continually amazed by schools that delivered messages inconsistent with their brand. Through admissions materials, such as a viewbook, and through the canned tour guide speech itself, colleges and universities should strive to showcase their true identity. Read more of this post

An Audi-this-World Brand Experience

Audi Museum, Germany

If you love to travel and are in the market for an Audi (or a Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, or Volvo), you’re in luck.  Since 1950, many auto manufacturers have featured a unique European factory pick-up program.  As an American consumer, you can travel to Germany, and enjoy an incredible European adventure driving through the countryside in your new Audi. Not only will Audi provide your transportation from Munich airport, over a scenic mountain and through the historic black forest, but they will also provide hotel accommodations and meals for the day of your pick up.  The greatest perk, however, is the test drive.  Since the factory is located just a few kilometers from the Autobahn, the infamous German highway without a speed limit, customers can see the needle of their new odometer approach the numbers at the high end, legally, straight from the lot. Read more of this post

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