80/20 Rule of Content

loopWhat drives consumers to follow a brand on social channels? For the initial follow, brands have relied on promotions, contests, coupons, the media (such as coverage of Arbys’ Grammy’s tweet) and a plethora of other strategies. But after that initial follow, how can brands retain followers?

For starters, brands should know that consumers hate being sold to. That can be contradictory to marketers and business owners, however, because the ultimate goal of marketing is to sell a product or service, right? Absolutely. But in social media, it’s about value-added interactions and building brand equity through expressing brand personality. Read more of this post

Dove “Does Good”

Dove continues its quest to change perceptions of beauty through their latest TV spot titled “Camera Shy.” The ad is a follow-up to the viral sensation, Real Beauty Sketches, and shows a mix of young girls, teens and adults hiding from the camera.  As an entertaining look at the reality of capturing women on film, the ad ends by asking, “When did you stop thinking you’re beautiful?” Dove continues to build equity through yet another flawless articulation of their brand, and it seems as though it’s only a matter of time before other beauty brands start sharing Dove’s “do good” approach.

Engagement in Real-Time

Social media provides the perfect window into the minds of customers and also serves as an ideal engagement platform. Twitter is especially suited for customer engagement and acts as a major source of news with hashtags giving users a quick look into what is happening around the world. When brands are able to combine engagement with real-time current events, conversations happen and brand equity rises along with them.

Real-time marketing has been a focus for brands ever since Oreo responded to this year’s Superbowl power outage with a tweet and supporting image reading, “Power out? No Problem. You can still dunk in the dark.” By capitalizing on such a prominent event, Oreo was able to achieve an astounding number of retweets, not to mention additional followers, leading to a greater awareness of “America’s Favorite Cookie.” Read more of this post

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