Brand Drives Excitement


With thousands of colleges, universities, and career-oriented institutions competing for attention, it’s especially hard to stand out.

From what was a sleepy, essentially noncompetitive marketplace a generation ago, college recruiting has become an intense battleground for the best students. And excitement wins the fight.

Without overstating the issue, everything college offers – education, friendships, ideas, prestige, adventure – should be exciting experiences. It’s been said that nothing happens until someone gets excited. If your brand is going to attract potential students, it must transmit excitement. It must deliver the tempo, vigor, and soul of your institution. Read more of this post

Higher Education? There’s an App for that.

Seventy five percent of 18 to 24-year-olds are smart phone users (via 2013 Nielsen study). With increased ownership comes increased engagement across all areas. Unsurprisingly, social media access via smart phones has skyrocketed, but data shows increased numbers in other sectors as well. Most notably, at least for BD&E’s purposes, is the rise in college applications completed on mobile devices.

As a strategic branding and marketing communications firm, BD&E services clients in a variety of different industries. One particular area of focus, however, is higher education. Through our work with more than thirty colleges and universities nationwide, we have noticed strong shifts in the college recruitment process due to the rising presence of smart phones and other mobile devices. Read more of this post

The College Visit Brand Experience

image via Virginia Tech

During high school, I visited twenty-five different colleges and universities along the east coast. I witnessed some incredible college tours, and some not-so-spectacular tours. I’ve seen tour guides trip and fall, and fudge facts, and potential students scribbling notes and shushing their parents. I abandoned a few tours and also had my dad turn the car around and scratch a tour altogether. I’ve also experienced one-on-one tours with college coaches and even some with student-athletes. Throughout the process, I was continually amazed by schools that delivered messages inconsistent with their brand. Through admissions materials, such as a viewbook, and through the canned tour guide speech itself, colleges and universities should strive to showcase their true identity. Read more of this post

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