Dove “Does Good”

Dove continues its quest to change perceptions of beauty through their latest TV spot titled “Camera Shy.” The ad is a follow-up to the viral sensation, Real Beauty Sketches, and shows a mix of young girls, teens and adults hiding from the camera.  As an entertaining look at the reality of capturing women on film, the ad ends by asking, “When did you stop thinking you’re beautiful?” Dove continues to build equity through yet another flawless articulation of their brand, and it seems as though it’s only a matter of time before other beauty brands start sharing Dove’s “do good” approach.

Honda wins 2011 battle of the holiday car commercials

Warburton for Honda.

Big props to Honda for their offbeat commercials this holiday season. Patrick Warburton (affectionately known as “Puddy” from his Seinfeld days) does his schtick and, as a result, Honda’s got something that leaps out from the crowd. Sure, he dryly offends elves, Lexus, and Nissan, but these are fun spots! Compare them with Lexus and their pretentious big bow “December to Remember” spots. Or you’ve probably been hit hard in your remote by the ubiquitous spot from ____ …it’s the one with the obvious singing voiceover and all the people dancing. It’s so predictable that I can’t even remember who it belongs to (ok, I’ll fess up, it’s Nissan). The GMC Sierra commercial with the truck breaking through the snow to the Nutcracker theme is alright, but it’s a holiday leftover from last year. Read more of this post

Great Ad! (Whose commercial was it again?)

So have you seen the commercial where the two colleagues are sitting in their office, and the one guy turns to the other and says, “Oh no, Rod, you sent that email ‘Reply All'”! The guy who sent the email processes his co-worker’s statement and instantly realizes that a whole bunch of people are about to receive something that they weren’t supposed to see! “Oh no!” is right, the horror! So the sender jumps out of his seat, runs out of the office and starts feverishly driving all around the city to slap cellphones and smash laptops out of would-be-recipients hands. It’s a great sequence with quick edits and good physical humor (and it’s probably cathartic if you’ve ever sent an email to the wrong person). After destroying all of the recipient’s hardware the guy gets back to his office and nestles into his seat only to learn that he’s been punked by his co-worker. Now, that’s a funny commercial! (click photo to watch on YouTube) Read more of this post

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