Big Data


Big data is a marketing buzz word. But how exactly is it utilized? Big data is a compilation of numbers and statistics about consumers and their habits and can be best explained through this infographic. Whether it’s google search queries, online shopping cart habits, geolocation, or social media engagement, these measures are everywhere. Retail websites who feature a “you might also like” category, for instance, are using big data in the form of customer browsing history to keep you clicking around their site.

A prime example? Netflix. The streaming site is a data gold mind and uses consumer measures to draw innocent TV buffs into another round of shameless binge-watching. Just finished watching all 6 seasons of Mad Men to prep for the final season premier? Okay, you may like other period dramas like Downtown Abbey. Chances are, they’re probably right and you probably won’t be canceling your membership anytime soon. Read more of this post

80/20 Rule of Content

loopWhat drives consumers to follow a brand on social channels? For the initial follow, brands have relied on promotions, contests, coupons, the media (such as coverage of Arbys’ Grammy’s tweet) and a plethora of other strategies. But after that initial follow, how can brands retain followers?

For starters, brands should know that consumers hate being sold to. That can be contradictory to marketers and business owners, however, because the ultimate goal of marketing is to sell a product or service, right? Absolutely. But in social media, it’s about value-added interactions and building brand equity through expressing brand personality. Read more of this post

AllRecipes, All Media


For generations, print publications have featured recipes among their pages. These recipes were commonly ripped out and preserved in the traditional family recipe book. With the age of digital, traditional recipe sharing faded as more and more recipes began popping up online. The site was at the forefront, and quickly became a landmark online recipe database for foodies everywhere. Read more of this post

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