A Positive Identity.

FlickIslandEvery organization has an identity whether by design or default. Perception has been defined as the selective destruction of information.

There is just too much reality to absorb. For sanity’s sake, we leave some of it unnoticed. What’s left is what we perceive, and even that much is too much to keep track of. So the mind keeps on pruning, and what’s left after that is what we remember.

What images are likely to make the cut?

Memory is an inventory, and its accounting system is LIFO – last in, first out. For a business, institution or destination to be recognized as familiar, one of two things has to happen: Either bombard the individual’s mind with messages so frequently that the latest is always recent (a very expensive process). Or, lodge in the memory a striking image – a logo, trademark, or product mark that will become established as a permanent identification instead of just fading away.

In other words, an identity.

A positive identity.


About Jeffrey Flick
President & CEO @ BD&E

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