Brand Drives Execution


A grand strategy is nice. But unless it evolves into tasks on somebody’s to-do list today, it’s just a big wish.

Seamless execution keeps the job of branding moving. It smooths the path that holds strategy on a direct line. Without diligent execution, a brand strategy can derail in a rush of false starts and overlooked critical detail.

Great design and compelling graphics are important. These are the most visible components in creating lasting brand recognition, appeal and value. However, never lose sight of the need for your strategy to extend beyond graphics to implementation and on to follow-through. Execution gets the strategy done, and done thoroughly.

Brand Drives Excitement


With thousands of colleges, universities, and career-oriented institutions competing for attention, it’s especially hard to stand out.

From what was a sleepy, essentially noncompetitive marketplace a generation ago, college recruiting has become an intense battleground for the best students. And excitement wins the fight.

Without overstating the issue, everything college offers – education, friendships, ideas, prestige, adventure – should be exciting experiences. It’s been said that nothing happens until someone gets excited. If your brand is going to attract potential students, it must transmit excitement. It must deliver the tempo, vigor, and soul of your institution. Read more of this post

Brand Drives Expansion


Nothing beats a strong brand for getting acquisitions and mergers on the same page. Yet many companies neglect this powerful tool.

Creating and sustaining brand consistency through any form of expansion is a challenge. Often, instead of being seen as an opportunity to let it become part of the expansion process, the brand becomes only a “stationery and business card” problem.

The best organizations use their brands to smooth the way in negotiations with prospective companies; to convey the benefits of a merger or acquisition to the financial community; and to help welcome new employees and new customers into the growing family.

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