Brand Drives Equity


Your greatest assets are not located on the balance sheet, but inside your customers’ minds. That’s where your brand lives – or dies.

The value of your brand equity is related directly to the effort spent managing and protecting it. Truly owning your brand means guarding the equity you have in it as you would any corporate or institutional asset: aggressively and continuously.

Manage your equity prudently and your investment grows: Manage it poorly and your equity erodes.

Brand Drives Everything.

Brand Drives Everything

A hard-working brand is built out of positive growth, integrity, and a sure sense of who you are, where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there.

A brand is an organization’s identity. It’s how they’re recognized, their image, their face in a crowd. It’s how the marketplace perceives them. And it is to be aggressively tended and jealously guarded.

A brand is never a single element. It’s not a name or logo. Not heritage, graphics, or words. It isn’t attitude or business philosophy. It’s all of them. Working together to grow a common business goal. Read more of this post

Dreams Are Made of This

Photo Courtesy of The 1st Class Lifestyle Inc.

Photo Courtesy of The 1st Class Lifestyle Inc.

For those of you who love music, what better representation of the industry’s best and brightest than the Grammy’s? Celebrating 57 years, the Grammy’s continue to shock and awe. With the musical offerings of so many in full spectacle of the world to see, you will most likely find something to love, and something to hate, and everything in between. That’s the beauty of the creative product; you choose what moves you.

The concept to partner young and seasoned talent in performance pairings was certain to provoke questions about how these couplings would actually work? Read more of this post

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