Google will pay for your fieldtrip

Launched last September, the Google Field Trip App is “your guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you.” By running in the background of smart phones to detect locations, the App introduces users to new locations, restaurants, activities and recreational opportunities all around them. Users can determine just how much information they would like to receive by specifying notification settings, but Google’s goal is to amaze people. The app is meant to give anyone the opportunity to discover more about their current location, but it’s ultimately best suited for tourists looking to explore a new area. Field Trip originated as an Android app but an iOS version was later developed to meet the needs of loyal Apple users. Read more of this post

AllRecipes, All Media


For generations, print publications have featured recipes among their pages. These recipes were commonly ripped out and preserved in the traditional family recipe book. With the age of digital, traditional recipe sharing faded as more and more recipes began popping up online. The site was at the forefront, and quickly became a landmark online recipe database for foodies everywhere. Read more of this post

Monetizing Social

The trend started by Facebook and adopted by Twitter is now spreading to two other popular social media networks. Instagram and Pinterest have started to implement plans to monetize through ads. The practice, which began with Facebook banner ads, has adapted to better suit consumer habits. Content now primarily appears natively within a user’s newsfeed and Twitter feed. Instagram ads appear in the usual format, among posts on the home screen, similar to sponsored news feed stories and promoted tweets. The idea is for them to blend right in. They are highly tailored to each user, and feature brands that the user is not yet following. The same goes for Pinterest, who announced that they will test promoted pins free of charge before implementing the model. Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann even went so far as to inform users that ads will be “tasteful” and will not interfere with the Pinterest user experience in any way. Read more of this post

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