Travel Reviews Reimagined

When thinking of a traveler, or even the typical mom and dad tourists, what comes to mind? Different places may require different wardrobes or gear, but one thing stays consistent no matter the location: a camera. Photography is a huge aspect of any traveler’s experience. Even if it is just capturing the moment on a smart phone, the image is still there to be accessed later. When travelers share their trip experience, they show others photos, so why shouldn’t travel review websites take the same approach?

Enter Triptease, a travel review website based in London that prides itself on being entirely visually driven. Although reviews may not be as practical and long-winded as written accounts on TripAdvisor, for instance, they definitely are a lot more appealing. Triptease allows users to search by location or even by specific hotel to find a wealth of striking images accompanied by reviews. Adventurous users can narrow their search by vacation type, such as “beachy,” or “big city,” and can just browse, browse, browse.

Triptease’s appeal lies in users getting the opportunity to become temporary travel writers. Using a design-focused approach, Triptease enables travelers to submit editorial-worthy reviews in an instant. The site could become the perfect complement to Pinterest, an interface that also relies heavily on strong visuals. With travel photos being the newest Pinterest trend, traffic to Triptease could increase dramatically through pinning. Instagram could also become another major player in Triptease’s success. Triptease already allows users to upload photos from Instagram and Facebook, so it seems to be the natural progression for Instagram-loving travelers to add reviews to their photos using Triptease.

Triptease is so incredibly likeable. From clever copy to a sleek design, Triptease draws users in. The widespread appeal of Triptease makes it the perfect tool for marketers in the travel and tourism industry. By showcasing user-submitted, cover-ready photos with reviews, brands can start to differentiate themselves. On another note, will a user really add a negative review to a stunning visual image? Of course not. Triptease is destined to become an appealing, positive review central, and another prominent player in the dynamic social media landscape. Triptease sums up their role best by stating, “Creation is easy. The result is powerful.”

2 Responses to Travel Reviews Reimagined

  1. Marthe says:

    Great post Alisha!! I’m so glad you like Triptease 🙂

  2. jenny says:

    Thanks for the great write up. Triptease does get a few negative reviews but they tend to be a little more balanced than the angry rants you find on other review sites. We’re happy to welcome the good and the bad though, as long as it’s interesting and worth sharing.

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