An Audi-this-World Brand Experience

Audi Museum, Germany

If you love to travel and are in the market for an Audi (or a Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, or Volvo), you’re in luck.  Since 1950, many auto manufacturers have featured a unique European factory pick-up program.  As an American consumer, you can travel to Germany, and enjoy an incredible European adventure driving through the countryside in your new Audi. Not only will Audi provide your transportation from Munich airport, over a scenic mountain and through the historic black forest, but they will also provide hotel accommodations and meals for the day of your pick up.  The greatest perk, however, is the test drive.  Since the factory is located just a few kilometers from the Autobahn, the infamous German highway without a speed limit, customers can see the needle of their new odometer approach the numbers at the high end, legally, straight from the lot.

File:Zeichen 330.svg

Autobahn Road Sign

Is it possible for car enthusiasts not to be impressed by such a unique brand experience? What can possibly compare to speeding through Germany at over 100 miles per hour in your own car? Within the automobile industry, it has become commonplace for automakers to create marketing materials that show their cars performing flawlessly on picturesque winding roads, and to construct modern, shiny, showrooms in an effort to differentiate. The European factory pick-up program goes so far beyond the realm of the average auto brand experience.

It’s hard to believe that there are even more benefits to the European factory pick-up program.  Every automaker with the program (except for Porsche), also offers customers a discount ranging from 4 to 13%, and all but BMW provide luxury hotel accommodations the night before your scheduled pick up. Mercedes will waive the United States delivery fee, and Volvo will even pay for two roundtrip airline tickets to Sweden. After your trip, it typically takes two months for your new car to be safely parked in your garage, but the effects of the experience are long-lasting. European factory-direct pickup programs are a stunning example of an immersive brand experience.

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