Travel Reviews Reimagined

When thinking of a traveler, or even the typical mom and dad tourists, what comes to mind? Different places may require different wardrobes or gear, but one thing stays consistent no matter the location: a camera. Photography is a huge aspect of any traveler’s experience. Even if it is just capturing the moment on a smart phone, the image is still there to be accessed later. When travelers share their trip experience, they show others photos, so why shouldn’t travel review websites take the same approach? Read more of this post

Dove’s Identity

image via eonline

“You are more beautiful than you think,” is the message behind Dove’s newest commercial as part of their Real Beauty campaign. Since its creation in 2004, the Real Beauty Campaign’s mission has been “to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence and not anxiety.” Most companies emphasize corporate social responsibility, and many act as sponsors or donors to various non-profit organizations, but Dove masters the art of good public relations by utilizing socially responsible efforts in a way that merely promotes brand identity. Read more of this post

An Audi-this-World Brand Experience

Audi Museum, Germany

If you love to travel and are in the market for an Audi (or a Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, or Volvo), you’re in luck.  Since 1950, many auto manufacturers have featured a unique European factory pick-up program.  As an American consumer, you can travel to Germany, and enjoy an incredible European adventure driving through the countryside in your new Audi. Not only will Audi provide your transportation from Munich airport, over a scenic mountain and through the historic black forest, but they will also provide hotel accommodations and meals for the day of your pick up.  The greatest perk, however, is the test drive.  Since the factory is located just a few kilometers from the Autobahn, the infamous German highway without a speed limit, customers can see the needle of their new odometer approach the numbers at the high end, legally, straight from the lot. Read more of this post

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