The New Flickr

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Nowadays, everyone from your 10-year-old niece, to your 90 year old grandma is on Facebook, a startling truth that has discouraged a lot of high school and college-aged users from engaging on the site. The younger generation is turning to Twitter and Instagram, but they are still tied to Facebook to take advantage of picture tagging and album saving. The new Flickr, however, could steal away that portion of the Facebook population.

With a completely re-designed and high-resolution user interface, Flickr, the photo-sharing site Read more of this post

Brand Immersion

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Apple and Target are two of the most recognized brands in America. The mastermind behind both brands was Ron Johnson, known as the resident hero of the marketing world for his work. When 111-year-old retail giant, JCPenney needed a hero, they called on Johnson. Sales had seen a gradual decline in recent years, and company executives were looking to re-brand and bring life to the company. Surely the man who built such incredible brand-equity for Apple and Target could turn JCPenney around. Within seventeen months of Johnson’s hiring, JCPenney saw a sharp decline in sales, and Johnson saw his stellar track record sharply decline along with them.

When branding or re-branding, BD&E systematically immerses itself.  Regardless of the client or industry, we dive in to discover the true personality and identity of your brand.  Through research and in-depth interviews with company executives, Read more of this post

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