Unlimited Power

The beauty of nuclear fusion

Image by Ric e Ette via Flickr

Right now there is a tremendous race happening — a race to build an unlimited energy source. Imagine a device that could create more energy than it took to produce it. This concept is called a “net gain” fusion reaction. 

Imagine what the world would like with this technology. Imagine how world economies would change. Imagine how brands would adapt, be created, or made obsolete. What a game changer fusion will be.

Fusion versus fission, you might remember that concept from junior high. Here’s a quick refresher: just like the name sounds, fusion is fusing two atom’s nuclei together; fission is splitting the nucleus apart. The reactors around the world — yes, including the ones in Japan — are all fission plants. Fusion does create radiation but there is no chance for a catastrophe because the process is very delicate. As found on Wikipedia, “
The primary reason is that nuclear fusion requires precisely controlled temperature, pressure, and magnetic field parameters to generate net energy. If the reactor were damaged, these parameters would be disrupted and the heat generation in the reactor would rapidly cease.”

Unlimited energy is power, in the sense of energy and in the geopolitical world, and in business. Whoever wins this race will reap the benefits for a long time.
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