The really big news — Apple is cutting the cord.

Apple has captured our hearts and imagination…now they want to safeguard our digital souls.

During his WWDC 2011 keynote presentation, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the newest iPhone and iPad companion, the iCloud.  No longer will you need a USB cable to sync your “iDevices” to iTunes. In my opinion, the bigger story is that you will no longer need a computer to sync your iDevices to iTunes.

Let’s think about that for a moment. You will no longer need a computer to sync your iDevices.* Read more of this post

Microblogging at its Finest.

In what seems to be an endless sea of social media websites, Tumblr, one of the fastest-growing social media outlets, is a one-stop-shop for sharing. Here, “Millions of people [share] the things they do, find, love, think, or create.”


Tumblr allows users to share anything – text, photos, links, music and videos. You can post from your browser, phone, desktop, or email – enabling you to share at any time from any location.
When emailing a post from your mobile phone, Tumblr will detect what type of post you’re creating, and will publish it on your page. Posts will then be seamlessly updated on your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and WordPress accounts. Read more of this post

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