QR Codes: Pop Art or Valuable Marketing Tool?

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Test Me: Scan the QR Code with your smart phone or click on the code with your mouse.

QR Codes have been prevalent in marketing circles globally, and they are now finding their way into national print and interactive campaigns. By utilizing QR Codes, you can direct consumers to a targeted market, launch a YouTube video directly on their device, direct foot traffic via Foursquare, share your vCard information, provide directions via Google Maps, build social media campaigns, or send an invitation to save-the-date directly to a user’s calendar app. These are just some of the more common uses.

It is important to remember that your QR Code should contain a “pay-off” for the participant – way-finding tips, points of interest, valuable coupons or product information, a limited-run video, or an interactive web destination are just a few examples. If you are using QR Codes to drive traffic to an existing page Read more of this post

Any Questions?

Facebook has unveiled a new way for you to get answers: “Questions.” The aptly named application allows Facebook users to post a question and get quick answers from their friends, followers, or anyone in the Facebook universe.
In the corporate world, this resource will provide organizations of all kinds with the opportunity to pose questions to current and potential clients. Their answers could provide valuable insight about your client, allowing businesses to create better products and services. Read more of this post

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