Great Ad! (Whose commercial was it again?)

So have you seen the commercial where the two colleagues are sitting in their office, and the one guy turns to the other and says, “Oh no, Rod, you sent that email ‘Reply All'”! The guy who sent the email processes his co-worker’s statement and instantly realizes that a whole bunch of people are about to receive something that they weren’t supposed to see! “Oh no!” is right, the horror! So the sender jumps out of his seat, runs out of the office and starts feverishly driving all around the city to slap cellphones and smash laptops out of would-be-recipients hands. It’s a great sequence with quick edits and good physical humor (and it’s probably cathartic if you’ve ever sent an email to the wrong person). After destroying all of the recipient’s hardware the guy gets back to his office and nestles into his seat only to learn that he’s been punked by his co-worker. Now, that’s a funny commercial! (click photo to watch on YouTube) Read more of this post


Apple Mail, PasteUsing Apple’s Mac Mail has its benefits and an occasional drawback. For me, I love all things Apple. When composing
an email from different sources, cutting and pasting usually results in a variety of fonts, colors and sizes that have to be reformatted to match the existing text of the current email.

Really…is what usually comes to mind. And rarely does it happen when I have time to spare…of course.

What I recently discovered, purely by chance, is this…instead of using the old tried-and-true Paste (command + v) keyboard command, navigate to the edit menu and select Paste and Match Style (shift + option + command + v) menu command. Your new text will be added matching the established style. Certainly this feature has been around for ages but I never noticed it. I was so excited that I had to share.

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